Respect for Human Dignity

This is the cornerstone of Catholic social teaching. Every person, by their very existence, reflects the image of God in a unique way, and is therefore worthy of respect. CCC# 357

Respect for Human Life

Human life is worthy of protection and respect from conception until natural death. This teaching is vital for the growth and preservation of a just and moral society. CCC #2319

Community and Associations

As social creatures, how society is set up can greatly affect the person. The bedrock of society must always be the family. With the family as the foundation, social institutions that foster growth, protect dignity and promote the common good can be the next step in forming a moral society. CCC# 1882

Social Participation

As Catholics, we have a right and a duty to participate in society for its betterment and preservation. In this way, Catholics look at their work as both a way to make a living, as well as a means to bettering their society in which they live. CCC# 1913

Protection for the Poor and Vulnerable

The common good of society requires Catholics to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first. Seeking the good of all means having preferential protection toward the poor and vulnerable over the rich and powerful, because they have no way of protecting themselves. CCC #544


The Social Teaching of the Church requires equal treatment of every human being, regardless of where they live. Solidarity is a moral category that serves to influence choices that will protect and promote decisions made for the benefit of all people. CCC# 2415


There is a responsibility to be stewards of the Earth and to respect all of God’s Creation. These responsibilities include not only protecting the environment, but also being conscious of our own personal health and use of private property. CCC# 1941

Local Control

The Church mandates that governments have a responsibility to be free and fair, while also setting the limits that just governments follow. No larger organization should solve a problem if there is a smaller group that is closer and more intimately involved with an issue. CCC# 1883

Human Equality

In the eyes of God, all humans are created equal and are fully deserving of such respect. Differences in talent are by design; however, discrimination and the violation of fundamental human rights are not just and a direct insult to our Creator. CCC# 2430

Common Good

Society functions for the common good when all people can reach their full potential and all people recognize their human dignity. Due to international dependence, it is more important than ever that the just values of family are spread across national boundaries. CCC# 1883