Have you thought about how to serve your community, but you don’t know how to match your time, skills and experience in a meaningful way? Perhaps you’ve wanted to know more about public service, but you think you do not know much about politics, or understand the election process. You may believe politics is filled with negativity these days, or that Christians should avoid getting into politics.

We hear these concerns a lot from thoughtful Catholics and fellow Christians. Should we be involved in politics and the public policy arena?

At Katalyst Inc., our answer is, “Yes!” Who better than to guide and shape honest elections and sound public policy than people of faith?

At a time when our election results are questioned, the legislative process seems hostile to families and corrupted by personal agendas, and the public discourse is angry, it has never been more important for Christ-centered Americans to get involved.

Just as we would protect our homes from a thief in the night, and protect our children’s safety and well-being, we must follow the free will God gave us to protect our civil rights.

Katalyst Inc. is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring together Christians to engage in the political process and influence the legislative process at the local, state and national level. Our purpose is to find and support more principled candidates for office, and advance legislation that protects and builds our communities.

We envision a new path for our political system, one that brings people together to talk about the best way to create positive outcomes for everyone.  What policies are best for the people? What laws support and protect where we live, work, play and pray?

Our Christian values of life, faith, family and freedom, applied to public policy make our families and communities safer and more prosperous. Katalyst works to apply those values to protect the freedoms that make American life great, and enhance the beauty and quality of life.

To accomplish this, Katalyst works to identify, vet and support principled people to run for public office, review and support legislation that aligns with our values, and find ways that each of us can be individually engaged.

Specifically, we help individuals participate in the public policy arena where their interests, skills and talents take them. This may mean running for public office, serving on a local board or commission, or volunteering on a candidate or issue campaign. It might also include testifying on a bill at the legislature, or providing written or oral commentary on legislation through emails, phone calls or social media posts. It might be as simple as placing a yard sign in your yard, and asking a few neighbors to do the same.

Katalyst gauges opportunities that match the interests, gifts and talents of those called to serve, and connects them with resources and tools to help them every step of the way.