The Vatican does not Understand the Church in The United States

Last year I wrote a piece that respectfully argued that the Holy Father does not understand the Church in the United States. I wish I could say I was wrong, but the piece has held up. Pope Francis does not seem to understand the Church in the United States, especially its relationship to Vatican II. A recent interview from his diplomatic representative to the United States, His Eminence Cardinal Christophe Pierre, appears to shed some light on the Holy Father’s misperceptions.

In a recent interview with America Magazine, Cardinal Pierre claimed, “there are some priests and religious and bishops [in the United States] who are terribly against Francis as if he was the scapegoat for all the failures of the church or society.” He went on to say, “We are in the church at a change of epoch. People don’t understand it. And this may be the reason why most of the young priests today dream about wearing the cassock and celebrating Mass in the traditional [pre-Vatican II] way.”

See the article by Jayd Henricks, November 6, 2023