Planned Parenthood Gave ‘Trans’ Hormones to Autistic Teen After 30 Min Consult

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Planned Parenthood reportedly prescribed estrogen to an 18-year-old autistic boy after a single appointment with a nurse practitioner that lasted just over a half-hour.

Aaron Sibarium of The Washington Free Beacon reported that Planned Parenthood “prescribes hormones to any legal adult without a letter from a therapist or a formal diagnosis of gender dysphoria.”

“The only requirement is a brief consultation, usually with a nurse practitioner, about the drugs’ effects, which range from mood swings and male pattern baldness to permanent infertility,” Sibarium continued.

Sibarium discussed the case of Fred*, an 18-year-old New Jersey high school student with “a history of developmental issues.”

See the full article by CV News Feed, October 6, 2023