We are faced today with alarming challenges to our Christian and family values, our God-given rights, and our very way of life in America such as never seen before.

You may be worried and you have good reason. It seems like the world’s turned upside down every time you turn on the news. Below, you may see some of your concerns.

THE SchoolS

  • Public schools funded by we the taxpayers are teaching curriculum that pits children against each other on the basis of skin color and economic differences.
  • Schools are promoting sexualized content often without parents’ knowledge such as questioning their gender and introducing books that promote sexual confusion to children as young as preschool, calling it “inclusion.”
  • History classes focusing on what’s wrong with America’s legacy instead of the prosperity and God-given freedoms our nation has bestowed on its citizens.

THE government

  • A powerful government that has shut down churches as “non-essential” while keeping open “essential” businesses like liquor and marijuana stores.
  • A “cancel culture” that persecutes and erases anyone with views that differ from that of the secularists and all-powerful government.
  • A “culture” that denigrates the foundation of Judeo-Christian values of our government. Faith, freedom, family, self-reliance, truth and honesty have been at the core of the fabric of America; it’s how we’ve been woven together since our founding.
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Our Mission

Katalyst Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to inspire and actively engage Catholics and fellow Christians in all areas of public policy. Utilizing our shared values of life, faith, family and freedom. Katalyst desires to apply those values to public policy and candidates who embody those principles.

We believe that the application of our shared values in the political arena ensures that all citizens are free to live a life where faith, family, freedom and prosperity are integrated into the fabric of our communities, our state and our nation.

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